Of little girl dreams…and big girl realities

Like any other little girl, I dreamed of a wedding with a prince and flowers and sunshine and a beautiful dress.

(Don’t forget the beautiful dress. That’s really important in the mind of a little girl.)

Now, the dream is feeling a bit more like a near-reality.

No, I am not married yet. That is yet to happen. But my boyfriend and I are certainly thinking about this. It’s something that we have kept in mind from the outset of our relationship–a purpose for our dating, in fact. And with that in the back of my mind (or, rather, often in the very forefront of my thoughts), I’ve begun to dream more keenly of a wedding.

My dream has changed slightly, however. When I dreamed of my wedding when I was younger, I pictured the wedding of my oldest sister, with its romantically lit ceremony and live orchestra music performed by a small band of her college friends. Now the picture of that special day has transformed into a gorgeous outdoor setting with tall grasses, light breezes, a plethora of flowers, and some Brazilian dancing.

With this picture in mind, a copy of the lovely-illustrated book The Knot Outdoor Weddings caught my eye. Practical, romantic, and idyllic, this book seemed like a sumptuous summation (and expansion) of my dream. It is like a wedding Pinterest board in print form. An abundance of ideas spring from its pages. In my opinion, any bride dreaming of outdoor weddings (or any wedding planner, for that matter) will appreciate this book, if simply for the opportunity to spark ideas and–at the same time–bring a practical rein on them.

Now, the question is: How much of that gorgeousness can I stuff into one wedding?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.