Just My Typo

“Just My Typo” is a hoot. From a humorous “Note to the Reader” declaring that no typos could possibly ever be made by the editor to “My Favorite Typo” anecdotes written by novelists, this volume is filled with words and misspellings that will “conspire” you to tears. Historical excerpts provide background to various famous typos, while “Interludes” give a breath of fresh air amidst the tears of laughter.

“Just My Typo” definitely fits the ranks of coffee table books more than it does the libraries of literature. It is not one that you will sit down and read for hours upon hours, enraptured in the plot of the thing–unless, of course, you are an editor.  It will provide “horrors upon horrors” of entertainment for just about anyone who has ever written anything.

I was given a copy of this book by Blogging for Books in return for my honest review.


Can You Say “Ice Cream for the Eyes”?

Your Family in Pictures

Your Family in Pictures is a visual delight. With tips for everything from developing a photographer’s eye to photographing everyday life scenes to snapping pictures of moody teenagers, Me Ra Koh covers it all.

Each “recipe for photography” has its own recommendations for time of day for best lighting, preparations that should be made, camera-specific settings, and orientation for best focus. With each recipe that I viewed, I felt a little more confident in my abilities as an amateur photographer–which is, I believe, exactly what Me Ra Koh wants to pass on to her readers.

I was surprised to find that there was no diagram of a camera in the book. I guess that’s what instruction manuals are for. This book is satisfying on so many levels, though, and is definitely a keeper. I was thinking about giving it away to one of my more photographically-minded family members, but, after looking through its gorgeous pages, I’m tempted to keep it on my own bookshelf.

I was given a copy of this book by Blogging for Books in return for my honest review.

You Are Spoken For`

Spoken For

What is the one thing for which every little girl longs? A prince in shining armor.

What do the majority of chick flicks have in common? That’s right: romance.

See the trend? In Spoken For, Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke track this trend and point to its ultimate fulfillment. Their message is simple: Each and every woman was created for a love relationship with their Creator. In their engaging, personal style, they explain how we feel the need to belong, to be wanted, to be loved, to be known. Only God fulfills this longing. He is the ultimate Lover.

He is also the one who deserves undivided devotion. Just as no lover would want to share his beloved with another, so too God is jealous for our undivided devotion. Despite His love, Praise His grace, He has not abandoned us to our wayward loves. Rather, He is the One who laid down His life in order to reconcile with His beloved.

Along with the beautiful message of their words, Gunn’s and Bethke’s frequent stories keep the reader engaged and provide powerful illustrations of the truth that they proclaim. The discussion questions included at the end of each chapter will help girls (or women) connect with others as they walk with their Heavenly Lover.

Overall, this is a wonderful book. It may move you to tears. It may make you want to bask in a love story. It may bring some painful issues to light. It will, if you allow its message to sink into your heart, draw you close to the Heavenly Bridegroom who loves you more intensely than any earthly groom ever could.

While this book may be light and easy reading, I recommend this book for mother-daughter bonding time or one-on-one or group mentoring. In these settings, you can add to the material to personalize it and to meet individual needs.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for my unbiased  review.

Free Book Rewards Program

With all the book blogging and rewards programs out there, today I happened to stumble upon one that looks promising: Tyndale Rewards (). I love finding new sites (especially ones with free books), so this find was a bright spot on an otherwise literally rainy day.

Part of the fun and benefit of books is getting to share them with others, so feel free to comment and share a book blogging (or freebie) site or a website with great book recommendations.The more people to join us on our book adventures the merrier!